The Innovative Synology Router

The Synology brand is well-known for its NAS (Network Attached Storage) machines, IP Surveillance solutions, and network equipment. Now the company has introduced its high-speed routers. We all know routers are pretty crucial devices to have in homes nowadays, especially when your Smartphone don’t have any active data running on it.  Still, there are many other important features, which make a router an ideal router. A Synology router has all the required features e.g. frequency, speed, features, range, firmware, and security. All these features are present in Synology routers, which are ideal for small home & office. Synology rt2600ac also consists latest wireless technology, which ensures fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Synology rt2600ac setup is so simple, even a non-techy user can complete the Synology router configuration in a matter of minutes. So, to make Synology router users aware of the Synology router rt2600ac setup, Synology default admin password and Synology router login, we have designed this website. Here on this website, we will include as much information as we can for you. Feel free to ask for assistance regarding performing a reset on Synology router & to know Synology default IP from our router experts. Take a look at the information ahead regarding your Synology rt2600ac setup.

Key Features of Synology Router

  • Synology Router has a management interface, based on Synology's DSM operating system.
  • Features dual-core 1.7 GHz processor.
  • Include 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios & provide WAN aggregation.
  • Comes with hardware-assisted Layer 7 traffic control.
  • Can connect up to 100 devices.
  • VPN.
  • Remote File Access.
  • Supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, IEEE 802.11ac wave 2.
  • Beamforming technology.
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup 2.0.
  • Port triggering.
  • Has 3G/4G mobile dongle support.
  • DMZ.
  • Synology rt2600ac has three Operation modes, Wireless Router, Wireless AP & Wireless Client.
  • Works on Operating System of Synology Router Manager (SRM).
  • Offers Traffic Control.

So, these are a few features of Synology router. For now, let’s take a look at the steps by which you can setup up Synology router

How to Setup Synology Router?

Position Synology rt2600ac Router

There are a number of steps in Synology router configuration, the first step is positioning your router. It is important to position a router correctly, for an optimal performance. We are providing you a few steps which will guide you as how to position Synology router, before starting the Synology rt2600ac setup.

  • Place your Synology router on an elevated shelf, which is free from any physical obstruction.
  • Ensure that you place the router, where you have placed your wireless and wired devices. A router needs to be placed at a comparative distance from the wireless devices.
  • Keep away any source with Electrical signal from your Synology rt2600ac Router.
  • If you wish to receive more information on positioning your router, call us at our toll-free number. We are ready to provide you complete steps regarding Synology router rt2600ac setup, so contact us today.

How to Start up Synology rt2600ac Router?

If you are a new user then this step will be useful for you. Very often, Synology router users are unable to complete the setup of a Synology rt2600ac Router. This is why we are providing you the following steps.

  • First, push the button located on the Adapter & next pull out the plug.
  • Now, slide the plug adapter & push it downwards.

In case, you get any issue during Startup Synology rt2600ac Router, contact us at our toll-free number. We are always there to help you in Synology router login.

Steps to Connect Synology rt2600ac Router to the Internet

  • Make use of the integrated network cable to connect the router to your ISP modem.
  • Take one end of the power adapter & connect it to Synology router’s power port. Next, connect the other end of the power adapter’s to the power outlet.
  • Switch on your router by pressing the power button. Wait for a few minutes until STATUS & WAN LED indicators to turn green.
  • Now connect the wireless or wired devices to your Synology rt2600ac Router.

Footsteps to Connect Wireless Device to Synology rt2600ac Router

  • Switch On wireless button on your router.  Now wait for a few seconds until the 2.4G/5G LED indicators turns green. A green light indicates that the router is ready to be connected to the devices. If you face any issue, during Synology router configuration, contact us.
  • Make use of the wifi device to scan & to join the Synology rt2600ac Router’s wifi network.

If you are not sure about the default credentials for the Wi-Fi network, don’t hesitate to take our help. Our experts can help you instantly regarding Synology default admin password & Synology default IP.

Synology Router Rt2600ac Setup via Synology Router Manager

  • Use a wireless device or a computer which is connected to the Synology Rt2600ac Router’s local network. If you are using a wireless device, scan or join the Wi-Fi network. To know what is your network’s SSID and Password, contact us on our toll-free number.
  • Next, launch a web browser to perform a Synology router login on your device.
  • Enter Synology default IP or Synology Router Rt2600ac’s URL, into the browser’s address bar.
  • Synology’s default IP is, and Synology Router Rt2600ac’s URL is In case of any confusion, simply take help from us, as we are ready to help you in Synology router login.
  • The minute you get connected, click to Start & open the SRM Setup Wizard.
  • Provide the required information in the Next window, e.g. Synology default admin password.  Click on Next to continue the process.
  • Now setup the Wi-Fi network, by filling the required information. To continue further, Click On Next.

For further advice on Synology router rt2600ac setup, call us today at our toll-free number.  You can also chat live to know troubleshooting tips for Synology router login. We can provide steps to Reset Synology router instantly. So, for now we will learn how to choose the operational mode, on your Synology Router Rt2600ac.

How to Choose an Operational Mode on Synology Rt2600ac Router?

As we have mentioned above, a Synology Rt2600ac Router comes with three different Operational modes. You can choose any operation mode, as per your requirement. We will discuss all the three operational modes, but will setup using a single mode. Have a look at the below-given steps.

Wireless AP (Access Point)

When you choose Wireless AP mode, which is also known as Bridge mode, your router will bridge all the interfaces on the network. When you are using Synology Rt2600ac router as a wireless AP it won’t be able to assign IP addresses to its clients. It is because DHCP Server gets disabled & router only works with a wireless transmission device. It can only send or receive data via Wi-Fi among the wired & wireless networks.

Wireless Router

Under Wireless router mode, A Synology Rt2600ac router only works as a regular router. A router that only transfers data amid two networks, and locates the most favorable path for data deliverance. The best part about Wireless router mode is that it provides wifi connection to wifi devices for uninterrupted access. You can opt for Wireless Router mode under these scenarios.

  • When a user requires extra security at the connection, such as DMZ, firewall & NAT.
  • A connected client device requires a wifi connection.
  • A user requires creating subnets inside the local network.

Wireless Client

Under Wireless Client mode, your Synology Rt2600ac router works as a Wi-Fi Ethernet adapter. For internet access, a Synology Rt2600ac router connects to the Wi-Fi signal from another access point or a router. There are a few scenarios, where you will require setting up Synology router as a Wireless Client.  Take a look at the below-given scenarios.

  • For Internet Access it is hard to setup a wired connection among Synology Rt2600ac router & any other ISP modem or a Router.
  • A User can use the Wireless Client mode, only by connecting a Synology Router with a network cable.

If you wish to know more about the operational modes and further Synology router configuration process, call us today. We are available 24/7 there to help you on Synology rt2600ac setup.

How to Setup WI-FI Connection on Synology Router?

A Synology Rt2600ac router hosts two types of Wi-Fi networks. Here in this section, we will provide steps to create wifi network. Go through the points and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

2.4GHz Wifi Network

2.4GHz is a wifi network which generally get used by the majority of wireless devices. It has a broader wifi coverage, as compared to a 5 GHz WI-FI network. However, while using that, there are always chances of issues geberated due to signal interference. It is because, the greater part of the wireless devices, depends upon 2.4GHz wireless frequency for connection.

5GHz Wifi Network

The Majority of the wireless devices, don’t rely on this wireless frequency, because there are less chances of facing issues related to signal interference. 5GHz Wifi Network has a narrow signal coverage in comparison to the 2.4GHz wireless frequency. Its signal strength also gets weakened near obstacles.

Steps to Create Wi-Fi Network

  • Before creating wifi network, ensure that the router is Powered On & connected to the internet.
  • Switch On Wifi Button on your Synology Router.
  • Visit Network Centre available next to the Wireless option & then choose Wifi settings.
  • Choose Enable wireless radio under the 5GHz/2.4GHz & go ahead with the Synology router rt2600ac setup.
  • To make  further adjustments click Advanced options.

To know more about, how to Create Wi-Fi Network get connected with us today. We are always there to help you complete the Synology router configuration.

How to Enable Parental Control?

The Parental Control is a great feature, as it helps in monitoring your kid’s online activities. Under this setting, you can not only block but also restrict internet access on any PC or device. To know more about this amazing feature, take a look at the below-given steps.

Steps to Apply Parental Control

  • First of all, login to Synology router web interface.
  • Now, visit the Network Centre option & then the Parental Control & next General option.
  • You can choose a number of options, such as restricting Internet access & accessing particular websites & domains.
  • Choose Web-filter to block access to a particular inappropriate, and explicit website.
  • Select Safe Search to block explicit websites, from appearing on the Google search result
  • Internet Allowance Time helps in scheduling device's permitted time for Internet access.

How to Reset Synology Router?

If in case, you have an issue with the Synology router login process like forgetting the Synology default admin password or Synology default IP, here are few steps which might help you. By resetting your Synology router to its default factory setting, you can roll back the router to its default settings. To know how to Reset Synology Router, take a look at the below-given steps.

  • Locate the Reset button on your Synology Rt2600ac router.
  • Take a sharp Pin or Ball pen, press & hold the Reset button for a few seconds.
  • If you press & hold the reset button, for around 4 seconds, it will reset passwords of the admin & the administrator. However, other users records will stay unchanged & SRM Setup Wizard will initiate.
  • In case, you press & hold the reset button, for about 10 seconds, the device will reset to its factory default although, the data stored in the external storage will still stay unharmed.

Few Issues Which Might Need Routers Experts Advice

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  • Synology router login
  • Tips on Synology router configuration
  • Synology router rt2600ac setup
  • How to Reset Synology Router?
  • Steps to change Synology default admin password
  • What Is Synology default IP Address?

If you wish to contact us for above-given topics simply place a call, on our toll-free number. You can also interact live with our team, as we have 24/7 active live chat support window. For more info get connected with our team today, & share your valuable feedback with us.